“So creative, charming, funny, unpredictable, and smart. I LOVED it!”

Hi! My name is Sharon Glassman.

Smiling with Book



My novel-with-songs, BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, sets a modern, music-fueled love story in Frank Sinatra’s hometown.

It’s fun, funny, a little nerdy (in a good way) and inspiring.




I perform episodes and songs from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN at nifty venues and events.


You can read the book and hear the songs, too.


Breaking News:

THANK YOU! St. Vrain Historical Society, for having us over to Historic HOVERHOME to entertain you with songs from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN for a post-snow Sunday show. The cookies were awesome, too!

THANK YOU! Andy B of KRFC-FM, for airing DOWNTOWN from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN on your Saturday night show.

THANK YOU! 637 viewers watched bb the Bichon in her first weather-dog video, set to DOWNTOWN from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN on its first weekend! Talk about snow power!!

Recent Headlines:

“SHARON GLASSMAN’s Blame It On Hoboken CD has something for every musical taste! Folk, Americana, a touch of jazz & blues too! The songs are bouncy, lighthearted fun! Check out the title track: a paean to Sinatra’s hometown, which has quickly become a favorite in Nowheresville. – Joltin Joe Pszonek, Radio Nowhere, WMSC-FM

SUNDAY, SUNDAY! Paul Kiteck and I are doing a duo BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN concert at the historic HoverHome in Longmont, Colorado at 2 MT.

Then, catch me on WMSC, chatting by phone with the ever-wonderful Joltin’ Joe Pszonek about BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN on Radio Nowheresville at 7:45 ET.

After which! I’ll be playing fiddle and guitar at e-Town Hall for Truth Be Told’s Grand Story Slam in Boulder, CO at 6:30 MT.

“Sharon Glassman’s funny and smart performance of excerpts from HOBOKEN engaged and delighted the audience at the Justice Snow’s Salon in Aspen.” – Andrea Clearfield, performing arts salon host.

MO’ LOVE: Thank you, WAMC, for purchasing my new topical humor radio essay, “Cupid’s Day: a Lovably Flawed Valentine’s Day Alternative” on prx.

FUNNY VALENTINE? Give ‘em the BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN e-novel with imbedded songs + your Valentine’s message, recorded by me. Order here.

NEXT LIVE SHOW: Aromatic concert of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN songs at Denver’s Walker Fine Art Gallery on 1/15/15.

THANK YOU, WAMC-FM, for airing my radio essay, “2015 Holidays for Quiet Folks with a Surprising Sinatra Twist.”

CRAVE a wonderful, original holiday gift for the funny-smart book and music lover on your list? Shop here.

CLASSY! Paul Kiteck and I perform some BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN at classical composer Andrea Clearfield’s Salon at Justice Snows in Aspen, CO on Sun, 12/7. If you’re in Aspen (or know Oprah) we hope you (or O, or youze) stop by.

Sharon Glassman’s book BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN was a fabulous distraction on a stressful week. Nothing better than getting lost in a good book or song! Write On.” – Trish Lewis, The Eclectic Chair

GIFT-WORTHY: Pick up a BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN book and CD from me at JunoStudio’s holiday trunk show on Tues Dec 2 in Boulder.

JERSEY GIRLS: I’ll be performing an excerpt of HOBOKEN for lovely ladies of NY and NJ in Longmont on Wed Nov 12th at The Dickens Tavern for Tobi Hunt’s Events East Coast Ladies Dinner. Event runs 5:30-8pm. Contact Tobi if you’d like to attend. tobi@tobihuntevents.com

SMELL THE MUSIC: Wed. 11/ 5 at 6pm, Colorado Aromatics head chemist Cindy Jones will pair lightly-scented Aromatic Waters with my live songs from HOBOKEN at Mary’s Market in Hygiene, CO. Sup on Mary’s homemade breads and soups.

YES! A lovely young man bought us a pizza during yesterday’s concert of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN songs at Oskar Blues. He didn’t know that pizza is a major co-star in the book. Or …. did he? Thank you, kind pizza fan of HOBOKEN!

SUNDAY 10/12: Join us for the Wedding Episode of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, Live at Still Cellars in Longmont, CO. Doors: 2:30. Show: 3pm. Wear your wedding best and you could win theater tix, a HOBOKEN CD and more. Then…dance your socks off at the DJ Savior Breath after-show party!

“Being a former resident of Hoboken, I know that much can be blamed on that town: brown water, grey air, lack of parking, and Mafioso landlords. Sharon Glassman, in her most recent collection of unique and tantalizing tunes has found another, more important issue for which to fault the Garden State metropolis: love in many of its guises and facets.”   – Mike T. Lewis of the Twangtown Paramours

CELEBRATE the release of the BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN CD at Colorado Aromatics in Longmont, Colorado, Saturday, Oct 4 at 6pm: 340 Lashley Street. Beauty chemist Cindy Jones will pair my live songs with delicate organic scents.

READ this fragrantly fun feature on Oct 4th’s Aromatic Concert celebrating the BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN CD at Colorado Aromatics’ new store in Longmont, Colorado by Aimee Heckel of the Boulder Daily Camera. Thank you, Aimee!

“I fell in love with you and your music. The whole thing is exciting [ …] I was getting tingles up and down my spine.” – Philip Coggon, KRFC-FM

WINNER! Uh-Huh from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN is a winner in the Colorado Music Business Organization (COMBO)’s 2014 Songwriting contest.

Sept 14th’s BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN Live! stars Amanda Berg Wilson of The Catamounts Theater + music legend Rockin’ Robin. Craft Cocktails, pastries. Fun! Showtime: 2:30 pm at Still Cellars, Longmont CO.

READ: This fantastic FEATURE ARTICLE on BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN  in September’s Inside Longmont will show you who I am and what I do.

HONORED: The BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN theme song is a winner in the COMBO 2013 songwriting contest, category Jazz.

“The funnest hour a person can have. I can’t wait to hear what happens next month!” – Sherri Prince

JOIN ME for August 10th’s BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN Live! at Still Cellars! Guest stars Frankie & Floyd will treat you to acoustic versions of Frank, Pink Floyd and friends. Guest star Brian Rezac will read the roles of Ned Allen and more. And there’s pie!

July 13’s BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, LIVE! at Still Cellars: DJ Savior Breath mixes HOBOKEN songs and Sinatra. Actor Mare Trevathan does HOBOKEN’s characters HER way! Bob Wood and Dale Hoffman open with a set of original tunes.

LISTEN: Longmont songwriting duo/podcasters The Prairie Scholars (Jessica and Andy Eppler)’s interview is a great way to get the 411 on HOBOKEN. Thanks, Scholars!

WATCH: Tim Kaminski of 47 Films shot this 90-second video at Still Cellars: a distillery and arthouse. I think it does a great job of explaining the show. Take a look and let me know what you think.

READ: BOULDER MAGAZINE’s shout-out to the Lazy Person’s Book Club and join us on June 8 for the live LPBC show at Still Cellars: a distillery and arthouse. This month’s themed cocktail is The Cinna-tra. Our themed pastry (GF options) is the My Way Cappuccino Brownie. Our guest stars is stellar and the plot will treat you the joys of math, old friends, new love, listening parties and a loyal fish called julidochromis.

THANK YOU! Everyone who loves the songs and the book and the show…

ATTEND: May 11’s LAZY PERSON’s BOOK CLUB! Drink a MoMosa, order a live shout-out to you or your Mom from special guest Nina Rolle and me, purchase a Sinatra’s Mother gift set featuring a bottle of Still Cellars craft vodka, autographed copy of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN, Mr. Bean gift certificate and two tickets to our next show. Doors Open 2:30p. Place: Still Cellars: a distillery and arthouse.

HEAR: HOBOKEN at FocoMx; I’ll be playing a selection of songs from my comic novel-with-songs at The Lyric Cinema Cafe Lobby at 7pm on Saturday, April 26th. See you there!

FESTIVAL: Saturday, April 12, 1:30-3:30 pm for the Longmont Library Festival in Longmont (the Brooklyn of Boulder), Colorado. Listen to samples of the BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN EP on the official BIOH audio player. Page through the beautiful new limited edition BIOH paperback, handcrafted in Colorado. Book me to perform live excerpts and songs for your book club, office, classroom and more. Address: 409 Kimbark Street, Lomo.

GUEST: Sunday, April 6th’s Lazy Person’s Book Club at Shine special guests are Billboard Magazine award recipient Laurie Dameron and Emily K. Harrison, Founder and Producing Artistic director of square product theatre. It’s Boulder Arts Week, so we’re going to be extra-artful in our reading and songs from BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN.

Want to be my guest, with a guest, for the show? Email me by Friday, April 4 with “Tickets” in your subject line. I’ll pick one winner to receive two tix on Saturday, April 5.