Lazy Person’s Book Club Show

Smiling with BookHi!

My name is Sharon Glassman.

I entertain book, music, food and drink lovers by performing excerpts and tunes from my funny, music-fueled novel-with-songs, BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN in fun private and public places.

I call my show THE LAZY PERSON’S BOOK CLUB because you sit back, snack, quaff and relax while I entertain you, solo, and with other singer/actors.

Watch a :90 LAZY PERSON’S BOOK CLUB video.

It’s the funnest hour a person could have. I can’t wait to hear what happens next!
—Sherri Prince, Busy Book Lover

What’s really fun – and cool – about BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN?

BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN sets a funny, modern, music-fueled love story with a touch of math and mystery in Frank Sinatra’s hometown.


The songs of BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN  range from jazz and cabaret to country/bluegrass and swing. Not to brag, but two of them are COMBO songwriting contest prizewinners.

2015 is Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday year.

BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN is a fun time and a great way to bring fresh programming to the library. Our patrons enjoy it immensely.
—Stephanie Myers, Librarian

Will you perform for my group?

Yes, yes!

THE LAZY PERSON’S BOOK CLUB delivers creative entertainment for parties, employee gatherings, classroom events, birthday parties, showers and more.

I’m a seasoned performer who’s sung about the nerdy joys of Twitter in a Broadway Theater. And I’m great at performing in non-traditional spaces.

I have performed in private living rooms, corporate boardrooms, post office lobbies, physics labs, church basements and printing shops nationwide.

“So creative, charming, funny, unpredictable, and smart. I LOVED it!!! – Rockin’ Robin

Can you tailor your show to include our food/drink/edibles/company?

Yes! Here’s a fun article about the Aromatic Concert I created, pairing songs with organically-scented waters from a local farm.

I’ve worked with bakers and distillers to create custom-themed baked goods and cocktails, so the audience can literally “consume” the story as they hear it.

Sharon Glassman’s funny and smart performance of excerpts from HOBOKEN engaged and delighted the audience at the Justice Snow’s Salon in Aspen. – Andrea Clearfield, performing arts salon host.

Can I get a related educational/cultural talk/workshop?

Mais, oui!

I’m a nationally-presented speaker, who can address these topics and more. I’m happy to create a talk tailored to your audience.

“Introvert Heroes” – Meet the hidden stars of classic myths and blockbusters.

“Cupid, Psyche & Sinatra” – Uncovered: the surprising connections between classic and modern myths.

“The story-song connection” – Discover how music amplifies the message, from the Great American Songbook to HOBOKEN.

“Communicating with humor” – Why the funny-bone is the quickest way to the heart – and brain.

Sharon Glassman is the unique combination of author, musician, journalist and stage performer required to develop and perform the one-of-a-kind experience that is BLAME IT ON HOBOKEN [Live]. – Inside Longmont

How can I contact you?

Click here.